Mark Twain Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.
Unknown Adolescence is the stage between infancy and adultery.
Neil Gaiman When he stood up, it was a very complicated motion. If the deck chairs on the Ship to the Sea of Night had opened up, they would have done so like that. It was like he was unfolding himself forever.
Al Gore George Bush taking credit for the Berlin Wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.
Lois McMaster Bujold My home is not a place, it is people.
Charlie McCarthy Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
Jack London A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.
Archbishop Ireland Law is order in liberty, and without order liberty is social chaos.
Logan Pearsall Smith It is the wretchedness of being rich that you have to live with rich people.
Mother Teresa What we do is less than a drop in the ocean. But if it were missing, the ocean would lack something.
Aesop Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything.
Sidney Madwed When you have too much month for you paycheck, then what you need to do is realize that there is abundance all around you and focus on the abundance and not your lack and as night follows day abundance will come to you.
Oscar Levant The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too.
Isaac Asimov Science can be introduced to children well or poorly. If poorly, children can be turned away from science; they can develop a lifelong antipathy; they will be in a far worse condition than if they had never been introduced to science at all.
Henry Miller When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes.
Mark Twain It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.
Adrienne E. Gusoff Not only is life a bitch, it has puppies.
John Quincy Adams This is the last of earth! I am content.
Seneca The first step towards amendment is the recognition of error.
Robert Frost Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
Mahatma Gandhi I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.
Arthur Koestler God seems to have left the receiver off the hook and time is running out.
Charles A. Lindbergh I was astonished at the effect my successful landing in France had on the nations of the world. To me, it was like a match lighting a bonfire.
Alfred Hitchcock Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.
William Blake Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.