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Dear [Name],

Over the past [number] [weeks/months] that we have been exchanging e-mails, my fondness for you has grown from a casual interest to a sincere attraction. I look forward to your messages. In fact, I feel a little out of sorts when I don't hear from you. You allow me to be so open and free, perhaps you know me better than anyone else in my life. When you share your thoughts and feelings with me, it gives me hope that you might care for me as I care for you.

I hope you don't think it is too soon or too forward, but I would like to meet you in person. In my mind, I see us in a [location] somewhere, talking away the day until they kick us out. Please tell me that you will meet me. I will meet you any day, anytime, and anywhere.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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