Raising the minimum wage

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Dear [name of politician],

I work hard. I have a family to support. I work [number of hours] a week just to make ends meet. But you know what? The ends aren't meeting. People just can't survive on [minimum wage amount] an hour.

I'm not greedy. I know I'll never be rich. But my children deserve a shot a greatness, as do all children. You know as well as I do that children are the future.

I'm fully accountable for my place in this world. I've made decisions and I accept the consequences of those decisions. My trajectory is set. And I accept that. But if I work hard enough, shouldn't I at least be able to support my family?

I'm not looking for extravagance. I know real change takes time and effort. Please don't consider this an attack on your office or your policies. Please do know, though, that I work hard, and that millions just like me aren't getting a fair shake.

We just want to provide on a basic level. Can you help me? Can you help us?

I look forward to your reply.




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