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[Affectionate Nickname],

I hope you are sitting down. If you aren't, then you should do so now. I know this is the kind of thing a person should say face to face, but I couldn't wait. Also, I was afraid I would get nervous and end up stumbling through my words.

So, here goes. We're having a baby!!! Yes, you read it correctly, a BABY. I didn't want to tell you until I was sure, and now I'm sure. You are going to be a daddy. Yeah! You may have already guessed by the way I have been floating in mid air these past few days. I am so happy. You have made me so happy.

Before we get carried away with doctor's visits, nurseries, names, and all of the other overwhelming stuff, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for this special gift. You have made my dreams come true. You are going to be such a good father and I know your child will love you as much as I do. You are such a special man and I am blessed to have you as my [husband/other role].

Congratulations, Daddy.

All my love,


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