Parent Progress: Follow-Up to Teacher Conference

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Simply replace the unfilled areas such as "[]" and "[date]" with your information.

Dear [Teacher],

We were glad to have a chance to meet with you to discuss [Child]. It is nice to know that you are as dedicated to our child's success as we are. After our meeting, we took the opportunity to analyze and correct some of the reasons behind [his/her] issue with [issue]. Additionally, we put into place many of the ideas you had to solve the problem, along with some of our own. Specifically, we [idea] and [additional idea]. Although this is a continuing process, we feel that we have made substantial steps forward.

We would like to hear from you regarding [Child]'s progress in your class. Please let us know if you feel the situation is under control. Likewise, if you have identified any additional areas of improvement, we need to know so that we may act on them immediately. Together, we can help [Child] to have the academic experience [he/she] deserves.



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