Letter to Principal re: Guidance Counselor Visit with Child

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Dear [name of principle],

On [date], the guidance counselor at your school had a private meeting with [name of child]. As a result of this meeting, [name of child] was very confused and upset, and I feel that this situation was not handled in the proper way.

While I understand that the guidance counselor is present to assist students in a variety of ways, you of course will agree that all children are different. The guidance counselor at a school cannot possible understand the needs of each and every child. Therefore, there are times when a guidance counselor will not understand the emotional state of a child regarding a situation. This was one of those times.

Due to my child's discomfort with the guidance counselor, I am asking that no more guidance meetings be held with my child unless I am notified in advance.

Thank you for respecting my wishes in this area.



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