Joyous Kwanzaa

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Dear [name],

It has come time to celebrate Nguzo Saba. Kwanzaa is upon us!

I can't thing of a year in recent memory where this holiday has had more significance. I'm referring of course to the transition of power in the United States, and the effect this has had on the entire planet.

Closer to home it's been a good year. A hard year. Our accomplishments have been tempered by the the rigors of daily life, and I think we're all stronger for it.

[A listing of accomplishments, direct and succinct]

I think the coming year will be one of the most thought-provoking and influential of our lives. I hope we're able to reflect together, celebrate together. I hope the principles to which we hold our lives are reflected, as ever, in our actions. There is reason for optimism and celebration. There is reason for unity. There is reason for life.

Joyous Kwanzaa!



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