Job networking: without referral

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Simply replace the unfilled areas such as "[]" and "[date]" with your information.

Dear [Hiring Manager],

As a [industry name] Professional, I have been following the success of your company for the past [number] [years/months]. My belief that [relevant industry theory] coupled with [Company]'s [industry trait] will place your firm on the cutting edge of the [industry name] industry. With over [number] years experience, I believe that I can make a substantial positive impact on your company's success.

My qualifications include a [degree level] in [field]. My professional skills were honed on project such as [relevant projects] for [former employer]. My diligence and professional capabilities have resulted in my repeated commendation and promotion.

My additional abilities are listed in the enclosed resume. So that we may discuss this matter further, I will be contacting you office this week to set up a time to meet.



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