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Dear [Hiring Manager],

I am an Information Technology Professional with strong technical knowledge of [technical area of expertise]. I am writing to express my interest in your [Position Name] position. My knowledge and expertise can be successfully utilized by your company to enhance your productivity and profitability through reliable technical solutions.

My qualifications include a [degree level] in [degree field] and [relevant professional certifications].  My background consists of over [number] years of [implementing/maintaining] effective technical solutions to deliver business success. My practical experience includes [technical skills]. Additionally, I am proficient in [relevant hardware/software].

My expertise would be a great asset to your company in the position of [Position Name]. My technical capabilities are complimented by my [soft professional skill]. My [another soft skill] skills allow me to [how skill benefits users and business]. My proactive and analytical attitude drives me to quickly identify areas of improvement. My attention to detail helps me to [how skill helps business] which increases [efficiency/profitability].

Additional capabilities are listed in the enclosed resume. In an effort to discuss this matter further, I will be calling your office within the next few days to see if we might set up an interview.



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