Introductions: teacher to parents or students

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Dear [Grade Level/Subject] Students and Families,

As we begin the new school year, I want to take some time to tell you about myself and what you can expect from my class. My name is [Name] and I have been teaching for [number] years. I really enjoy teaching [subject] and I hope that you will enjoy learning.

Each year, I establish certain guidelines that help me create an effective learning environment within my class. These guidelines help my students understand what will be expected from them and what they can expect from me. Parents, you can help us achieve a better educational experience by taking the time to thoroughly explain these basic policies:

1.    [Classroom Policy]
2.    [Classroom Policy]
3.    [Classroom Policy]
4.    [Expectation from Parents]

Together, we can have a great school year. If you have any questions, please contact me at [contact information].

Thank you,


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