Happy Hanukkah

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Dear [name],

The Festival of Lights is upon us, and we wanted to wish everyone well. It's been a wonderful year, a trying year. What man said that the fruit of life is in the peel? That the joy is in the voyage?

As we stroll wayward and free through the labyrinth of existence we make realizations and forget others; we become wrapped in the cloth of fragile life and lost in the bazaar of our daily needs. It's nice to stop once in a while and think about what's been and what will come.

[list of accomplishments from the past year. it's probably best if these are succinct and direct]

It's beautiful here right now. The days are a little shorter and the nights cooler, but the family is coming together and we're trying to move a bit slower, savour the motions.

With that thought we wish you well and ask for blessings in all our lives through this season and all the next.

Exchange gifts, eat too much and be well.

All the best,



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