Happy anniversary

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[Affectionate Nickname],

I can't believe it has already been [number] years since our wedding day. It is true what they say about time flying by. It seems just like yesterday when you were standing there looking [beautiful/handsome] in your [clothing] and I couldn't believe you had chosen me. It felt like I had won a divine lottery. Even today I look at myself and think, I am a very lucky [guy/gal].

My biggest wish today is that I can make you as happy as you have made me. Sharing my life with you has been better than I ever dreamed. I know that life may not have necessarily turned out the way we imagined it on that [adjective] [month] day. However, I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

You are the love of my life and I look forward to spending the rest of our days together.

Happy Anniversary [Affectionate nickname]



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