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Dear [Customers/Investors],

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about the changing environment, it is time for each of us to examine how we can make a difference. We, here at [Company Name], are proud to say that we are dedicated to our environmental responsibility and have successfully implemented Green corporate practices.

In our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, we have made significant changes to how we work. Our electronic filing system and database promotes a paperless environment. We recycle our [electronics/computers/ other devices/paper products]. We use [power saving/ automated devices] to reduce our power consumption.  When possible, we try to use [vendors/office suppliers] who are also environmentally conscious. We encourage our employees to help us identify areas of improvement.

As our [Customer/Investor], you can be assured that your [patronage/investment] is going to a firm that is continually striving to improve the world around us.

Thank you,


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