Employer support: immigration application

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Simply replace the unfilled areas such as "[]" and "[date]" with your information.

Dear [name],

My name is [Name] and I am the [title] of [Company] located at [address]. [Employee Name] has been my employee for over [number] years in the position of [position].

[Employee Name] has been an excellent employee. [His/Her] [professional trait] is highly commendable and of a vital role to this organization. [He/She] is reliable, committed, and a dedicated employee.

To the best of my knowledge, [Employee Name], is, nor ever has been, a financial burden on the government or community or required government assistance. [He/She] is a role model to others and an asset to this country.

I completely support [Employee Name]'s immigration application. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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