Employee suspension

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Dear [name],

RE: Employee Suspension [First/Last Name of Employee]
Suspension Term: From [date] To [date].

As a result of your [behavior/unprofessionalism/actions, etc.], you will be suspended without pay from on the dates mentioned above. As mentioned to you previously, our employees must adhere to company policy or suffer the consequences.

Below you shall see our discussions with you on the issues we are having:

   1. Failure to [behavior/unprofessionalism/actions, etc.]
   2. Failure to [behavior/unprofessionalism/actions, etc.]
   3. Failure to [behavior/unprofessionalism/actions, etc.]

Upon return from your suspension, you will be required to meet the following requirements:

1) Meet with your [manager/Human Resources official/etc.] on a bi-weekly basis to discuss your [performance/goals/improvement/etc.].

2) Complete a summary report outlining your daily activities and submit it to [name] daily.

It is unacceptable for you to continue to [behave/be unprofessional, etc.]. Let this serve to forewarn you that if you do not show a noted improvement in your [performance/behavior] within the next [# weeks/months], that will be reason for dismissal.

Yours truly,

[Supervisor's name]

[Employee's name]

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