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Dear [Name],

Watching you start your life, I would like to promise you that bad things never happen.  Love and grief, joy and strife, will never cross your vision simultaneously.  Unfortunately, I cannot, because life is difficult.  You may not know pain or limitations yet.  This is your right, for youth carries this most splendid gift; age is the culprit that destroys its very essence as experiences mount.

As we mature, a terrible thing called fear can grab hold of our dreams.  Whether it's fear of failure, the unknown, or the risk or ramifications of a decision, it limits potential.  You must be stronger than your strongest fear but also understand that you are destructible.

Build your spirituality, loving the person within.  In my own life, I have learned that this is the source of true strength.  [first name], I am so very proud of you, and I wish I could make your dreams instant realities by waving a magic wand over your head.  But by doing so, I would rob you of accomplishment's satisfaction and that is not my right.  No matter what or when, I am here for you to rely on.  Congratulations on your accomplishment.  I feel fortunate to be part of your life.



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