Complaint to school board: child and teacher

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I am appealing to you and the school [board/committee] for immediate assistance on removing my child from [his/her] teacher's class.  For unknown reasons, [teacher's name] seems to be picking on my child.  [teacher's name] is not acting in the best interests of our child or any other children for this matter.

I have come across a number of serious ongoing problems involving my child and [his/her]'s [name of class] teacher.  I've had many conferences, talked over the phone number of times and left messages, written letters to the school principal and the teacher several times but no action has taken place.  Sometimes I wouldn't even get a response.  

I am enclosing all the copies of my letters to both the principal and the teacher with their responses.  

Please call me for any additional information is needed about this situation:  [phone #] (office) or [phone #] (home).  

Sincerely yours,


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