Attendance & Punctuality

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Dear [name],

Getting to work on time every day is probably not what most would consider fun. We can't be late though; we have responsibilities to our families, our employers, and ourselves.

When fulfilling these obligations, we make commitments to be dependable and reliable in our actions.  Others trust us to honor those commitments.

As your employer, [name of company] expects you to arrive at work at the scheduled time.  Absenteeism and tardiness are in direct conflict with the commitment you have made to us.

We don't take very well to people breaking their promises.  It puts additional burdens on the company and your co-workers.  In the rare instance when you will be late or unable to work as scheduled, advise [name of employees manager] as soon as possible.

Continued disregard of your commitment to be on time every scheduled work day may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment with [name of company].  



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