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Dear [name of potential employer],

I'm pleased to recommend [name] for [position].

It has been a pleasure working with [name] for the past [#] years. We have developed a lasting and productive relationship. [first & last name] has been always helpful with everything that needed doing. Positive mental attitude has always been [first & last name]'s strength, which allowed [him/her] to overcome any obstacles in [his/her] way. [first & last name] was always forthcoming with [his/her] ideas and strategies for the company.

[First & last name] has a unique personality and is a strong team player. [He/she] always took the initiative to get projects started, pitching in and willing to do more than [his/her] share to get the job done. [He/She] is an extremely committed individual that is very responsible and has an exceptionally strong work ethic.

I strongly recommend _[first and last name]_ to your organization. [He/she] is great person to work with and would be a valuable asset to anyone's team.

Very best,


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