Asking for your forgiveness

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Dear [name],

A lot has happened in the last little while between the two of us. Where there should have been love and friendship, there was bickering and resentment. The words spoken between us were filled with anger and rage. I now see that I was arrogant and overbearing. I had to prove my point and as always I had to be right.

I can look back now and see things clearly and I was wrong. Pride stood in the way of my sight and I was blind to what was important. You, [name of love], are the person I value the most in my life. Simply thinking of you brings a smile to my face and a glow to my heart.

I am truly sorry for everything that has happened so I'm asking for your forgiveness.  You mean the world to me so please give me a second chance to prove to you how much I love and care for you.



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