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Dear [Hiring Manager],

With over [number] years experience as a [Accounting/Finance] Professional, I am writing to express my interest in you [Position] position. My financial expertise can greatly help your company grow through effective money management.

My qualifications include a [degree level] in [degree field].  My professional skills have been honed at [former employers]. My background includes projects that positively effected my employer's profitability, such as [relevant project]. My extensive industry knowledge includes, [relevant industry practice], [additional practice], and [another practice]. My technical proficiencies include [relevant software applications].

My knowledge would be a valuable asst to your company in the position of [Position Name]. My financial abilities are complimented by my attention to detail and analytical skills, allowing me to better identify areas of improvement. My results-oriented attitude helps me to quickly implement policies and procedures to boost efficiency and revenue.

My additional capabilities are listed in the enclosed resume. So that we may discuss this matter further, I will be contacting you office this week to set up a time to meet.



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