Announcement of death of long-time employee

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To All Employees:

It is our sad duty to inform you that _[Employee Name]_ of the _[Department]_ Department has passed away.  _[Employee]_ has been with this company for over _[length]_ years.  _[His/Her]_ dedication and commitment has been an integral part of our success and growth.  _[He/She]_ has been a part of important projects such as _[project name]_ and _[additional project]_.  _[He/She]_ will be dearly missed.

Memorial Services will be held at _[Location]_ on _[date]_ at _[time]_.  There will also be a viewing _[day]_ evening between the hours of _[time]_ and _[time]_.  _[Company]_ will be handling all of the funeral arrangements.  Flowers and donations can be sent to _[contact information]_.

Thank you,